As a commercial mortgage lender, Briar Cliff Financial Services has made over $29 million in commercial mortgage loans on all types of collateral, including single family, multi-family, retail, office, mixed use, light industrial, and undeveloped land.  Briar Cliff is a direct, privately owned mortgage lender specializing in small to medium size commercial mortgage loans on properties located inPennsylvania and surrounding states.  Briar Cliff performs all origination, underwriting, and servicing functions in house. 



As a commercial mortgage broker, Briar Cliff has arranged over $250 million in commercial mortgage financing on a variety of property types including multifamily, office, self storage, retail, mixed use, as well as construction and rehab funding.




Lawrence R. Newman

Founder of Briar Cliff Financial Services, currently in charge of BCFS Brokerage.  Prior to the formation of Briar Cliff Financial Services, Mr. Newman worked for 7 years as an appraiser and loan officer for the Real Estate Department of Prudential Insurance Company, Newark NJ and 14 years at Westinghouse Credit Corporation where he served as both a loan officer and credit reviewer.  

Robert a. Newman

Currently in charge of BCFS Lending operations.  Prior to joining Briar Cliff in 2012, Robert spent 3 years as an Analyst in the CMBS department of National Cooperative Bank (NCB) and 4 years as a Director for Potomac Capital Advisors, a regional private equity fund manager focused on joint venture real estate investments.