Brokerage Services

Briar Cliff Financial Services specializes in serving the financing needs of the developer or investor.   We broker commercial mortgage loans, focusing on transactions in the $1,000,000 to $15,000,000 size range with the collateral located in western Pennsylvania.  As such we have developed extensive contacts with local, regional , and national investors who have sufficient funds to invest in first and second mortgages.

We have over 50 years combined experience in real estate finance, have been involved in well over $1 billion of financing.  By involving Briar Cliff Financial Services in your financing deliberations, you can access the skills and experience of a former lenders, investors, and chief financial officers for no cost and at no risk.  Since all our compensation is received at closing, you owe nothing unless we produce.

As part of our brokerage services, and for no additional fee, we are also prepared to assist in appraisal and financial analysis.  We maintain a data base of properties and transactions (e.g. we have over 1300 apartments and 275 self-storage facilities on file).   We maintain sophisticated computer models that an investor can utilize to accurately determine the most profitable financing policy given various interest rate scenarios and his tolerance of risk.